Preparing Your “Home For Sale”

What more could you want than to get your home sold for top dollar in short order without any hassles? If you take a moment and read through the following suggestions before you put the property on the market, you will be on your way to a successful sale.

Drive-up Appeal

Trim trees and shrubs, clean out flower beds and invest in a few flats of colorful flowers, paint the front door, make sure doorbell is working properly, wash the mailbox, keep the porch swept and get an attractive mat for people to wipe their feet.

Absolute Basics

A Few Unrelated Suggestions

For those Willing To Go the Extra Mile

Showing Your Home

Final Note

Please cooperate when called for an appointment to show. Sometimes it will be inconvenient for you to have the house shown, but you may never get another opportunity for that particular person to look at it again. Besides, the agent may feel that if the property is difficult to show, because of restrictions the owner has placed on it, it may not be worth the trouble and that agent may not bring potential buyers in the future.